The Quarry Apartments


Project Type

KitchenLiving Areas


Salamanca Square

Our Brief

Aware that KAM Joinery had been used for several other apartments in The Quarry Apartments and understood the complexities of the building, the clients had confidence in the design process and quality of joinery. The significant change they wanted for their new kitchen was for it to open up to capture their amazing view. Also on their wish list was to have lots of drawers and an office workspace.

Design Solution

Site issues of the apartment complex such as fixed cabling, plumbing, ducting and low ceiling height in the pantry restricted the kitchen design. However, these restraints didn’t impact on the end result of a contemporary and functional kitchen and office workspace. To improve functionality, the entrance to the walk-in pantry was widened and finished to such a high standard that doors are not required, as this area is not viewed from outside the kitchen.

The low ceiling height of the pantry was disguised through painting the area in black, which also makes the pantry contents pop from the background. LED lighting was included on pantry shelves, as well as under overhead cabinets to assist with the owner’s eyesight. The obstructing wall cabinetry was removed with the fridge and oven relocated and replaced with bench cabinetry that provides the exterior view to be enjoyed from the kitchen.

Sleek, streamlined design continues throughout the kitchen and office workspace with the areas defined through using different finishes. The office workspace includes drawers for files and electronic lift hardware in the overhead cabinets.

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